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Andreas tell us about yourself, who is Andreas Moulin as a person?
I am a belgian violinist, pianist and composer. At least that’s the label others use to give me. But I don’t like being put in a box. Basically I consider myself more as a calm guy who has the primary need to express himself and to share everything that’s living inside of him. I’m a real dreamer. Not only during the night but also during the day I dream a lot and I catch myself often losing my attention. And so much to the annoyance of my friends and colleagues, my mind often drifts away. When they see me all of a sudden staring in the distance, they realize they lost me, again.
Some of my students will say I can be a very strict teacher which I am I suppose but it’s always in a righteous way. I don’t like loud noises and being in large crowds. That’s why I always attempt to chase the silence. I can be very chaotic and impulsive and I wish I was less sensitive to what others think about me. I’ve learnt how to be more patient with myself but it’s still an every day challenge. I like the simple things like the smell of warm baked bread, the sound of a gentle rain and a walk in the forests. I like it when things are simple although sometimes I tend to make things more complicated.  
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Describe your perfect working day….
I start my day with a fresh gymm session. After training my muscles I feel more productive and ready to continue my day. On my way home I listen to some music and analyse it. Maybe it gives some inspiration for new pieces. I practice my piano- and violinrepertoire to prepare for upcoming concerts or recordings. Without having a fixed planning I just do what I feel I have to. I rehearse a lot with my friends and colleagues and when I feel I’m not focused, I go out and have a walk in the nature which recharges me completely. In the afternoon I’ll probably have a little power nap. After the rehearsals and the practice, I take care of my muscles by doing cooling down and stretching exercices. In the evening I meditate and try to observe what’s going on in my mind. When I’m in the mood, I just lie on my carpet drifting away when listening to music. Before I go to the realm of dreams, I read a bit. It almost never takes me long to fall asleep.  
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How did your passion for music come about?
Music has always been there in my life. I can’t remember a day without it and can’t even imagine a day without it. When I was 3 I used to play on the piano in my aunt’s place. I remember using just two fingers to play the same line over and over again without getting bored. I often listened to cassette tapes when I was alone and I sang along with it. My mother noticed me being fascinated by music and brought me to the music academy at the age of 4. Originaly I wanted to play harp, but since there was no harp teacher in the school, I chose to play the violin. Later I wanted to learn to play the piano officially as well. As a child I had a very severe violin teacher. I remember being terrified of entering the class and I often cried afterwards. And so I became afraid of music as an adolescent but at the same time it was the music that gave me comfort. It helped me to accept my emotions and it gave me courage to continue. Therefore I decided at the age of 18 to study music in order to repair my relation with it.          

Specifically, to whom are you most grateful for your artistic passion?
In the first place my mother, because it was she who took me to my first lessons violin in the academy and who encouraged me to practice every day. She even attended my lessons to take notes and I remember her standing next to my music stand beating the time while practicing.
Also I am very grateful for the lessons from my violin professor in conservatory, Erisa Kawaguti who taught me how to be myself as a musician. She always believed in me and helped me a lot when I suffered from chronic pain.    

Which musicians and composers are you most influenced by or inspired by?
It depends from time to time and from the mood I’m into. There are so many composers that I admire and that I get inspiration from. In general I’ve always liked the music of Debussy and Ravel. But also Vaughan Williams and Bach I can appreciate a lot. I am really fond of Ólafur Arnalds and Max Richter. The silence and fragility in their music always soothe my mind. Recently I’ve started listening more to the music of Rachel Portman. Listening to her music is like ‘coming home’ to me.  
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If you could wake up tomorrow with a new dowry, which one would you choose?
I would go for great dancing and acrobatic skills. I admire the way dancers and acrobats control every muscle and how they use space to fill it with movements full of emotion.   

Would anything change in the world of music in which it was formed?
I believe music will always develop just like we all will.

What message does music give today?
Music gives an invisible body to the things we can’t put into words or drawings. It gives us a glimpse of pure truth and eternity. It eases pain and makes us remember. It allows ourselves to dream and to think bigger. Music gives courage and hope. It makes us ‘child’ again, something most of us have forgotten. And last but not least music brings people together, it unites us all. It connects us with our inner self.       

There is room in Europe for young musicians and if you were to give passionate advice to an aspiring musician, what would you say to him?
-‘You play music, you don’t work it’
-Be patient, every mile begins with one single step
-Believe in yourself
-Never imitate someone else, always play from YOUR heart and YOUR body
-Don’t play music but let the music play you
-Always ask yourself the question what it is that makes music so special to you
-playing music is like dancing the notes and feeling your choreography on your instrument.

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The relationship with his hometown.
I was born and raised in the countryside and always have been surrounded by forests, farming fields and meadows. Therefore Mother Nature plays a very big role in my life. I can’t imagine a life without forest walks.  
What is too serious to joke about?
Deadly Diseases
Your upcoming commitments?
I’m working on a new piece called ‘hope is the thing with feathers’. In April this piece will be performed in a brand new video clip in order to reach as many people as possible to spread a powerful message.
It was my children’s wish to write my own book series. In a few weeks I will start writing again.
I’m planning new concerts with my music theatre ‘Mirage’ and with my chamber ensemble ‘Thalilou’. I also will cooperate in a project that involves music and literature. There even might be plans to work together with an Italian artist in a dance project in which my music will be used.  
In the end of March I’m expecting the tracks of my recent orchestra composition ‘Forgotten Letters’ being published and broadcasted on Belgian radio. And in the meanwhile I continue following my sign language lessons. Like I told previously, I want to be able to reach everyone, even those who can’t hear.



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