"Al Fenderico wins the International Vincenzo Crocitti Award as best Emergent Italian Actor, Director, and Screenwriter 2020 in Rome" gennaio 15, 2021 \\

Al Fenderico, born in Naples in 1992, fluent in both Italian and English has found recent success as an actor, director, screenwriter, and creative producer. He credits training experiences in Italy, Canada, and also Hollywood and UK teachers.
Announced virtually this week, he won the coveted awards of Best Emergent Actor, Director, and Screenwriter at the International Vincenzo Crocitti Award Ceremony in Rome. The award is in honour of the late actor Vincenzo Crocitti known to have worked among the best in the Italian industry and known for the film "Un borghese piccolo piccolo (1977)" (A little petty lord) by playing the son of the character portrayed by the late Alberto Sordi, Mr. Crocitti won for that movie a special award at David di Donatello and a Nastro D'Argento.

This honor is one of the most ambitious awards in Italy, previously bestowed upon other Famous Italian actors and directors such as Alessandro Borghi (2015), Vincent Riotta (2017), Marcello Fonte (2018), Francesco Montanari (2018), Volfango De Biasi (2018), and many others known for their Italian and International work.
AL FENDERICO ..ho voglia di conoscermi e sperimentarmi, conoscere i miei  limiti e poterli superare ..
In addition to this exciting announcement, it's important to look at Al Fenderico successful industry path that continues to pick up traction in Italy, UK, and the USA. Aside from his work in theatre and short films shot in Naples and London, which have screened at international festivals, many winning accolades. In 2017, he starred and produced a commercial in Naples (Italy) about road safety "Drive Responsibly" which won an award as Best Commercial at the seventh event of "La madonna v'accumpagna, chi guida sei tu" (May Virgin Mary be with you, as who drives is you).

His short film "Hey Tu" in which he has worked as writer, director, producer, and co-leading actor made it to the official selection, finalists of many international and national festivals and won Honorable Mention: Best Screenplay, and Honorable Mention: Best Inspirational Film at Top Shorts Online Film Festival in 2018 in Los Angeles. In 2020 it launched successfully on Amazon Prime Video USA, UK, and Germany, where it is enjoying a great return. At the same time, another short in the English language called "Alfabeto Italiano" (The Italian Alphabet) in which he plays the lead, has been launched on a new streaming platform Reveel Movies in which is having a great visit return too.

2021, finds Al Fenderico concentrating on his dramedy feature film, a story of courage and friendship in his human interest-driven feature film "Belong" Co-written with his colleague, Carlo Finale. Besides, he is also working on his new dramedy Television Series that he is currently writing.
Both are in talks with international productions through his representatives.

He is extremely grateful for these recognitions, especially for receiving them early in his career. He devotes these moments to the people we have lost, and also because Covid-19 as they have had probably goals to achieve. Unfortunately, they would never get them fully, and other diseases have snuffed out many artists' candles far too soon.

He truly thanks all the committee and management members and the director Francesco Fiumarella who manages the international Vincenzo Crocitti Award for these recognitions of which he is honored to receive.

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