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The Make A Wish Festival 2023 introduces awards, the jury, and partners of this first edition.

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The British Production Company “Make A Wish Film & Theatre Productions” based in London which produces independent projects, wanted to create an initiative for all professionals in the Film sector.

The Make A Wish Festival 2023, is a Film Festival born by the idea of ​​the two founders Al Fenderico, and Tino Orsini of the same Production Company who gave life as artistic directors to this event that will take the place next year 2024 from March 29th to 31st at Sala Teatro Luigi Paesano in Naples, Italy. Moreover, we are also working on booking alongside the Italian venue another international venue, the second location is still to be confirmed.

The artistic directors Al Fenderico and Tino Orsini are pleased to announce the awards, the jury representing both the international field and the Italian national, and the partners involved with this initiative.

The Film Festival was born to promote artists around the world and in the film sector to allow them to have more visibility and to be able to promote diversity and inclusiveness for all projects and categories.

The jury of the Festival is entirely international and with known names from the Film and Theatre sector.

Submissions opened on May 1st and close on December 31st 2023, on FilmFreeway.

The categories and prizes evaluated are:

  • Best Animation

  • Best Documentary

  • Best Short Film (15 mins max - Drama, Comedy, Science-fiction, Musical, Horror)

  • Best International Feature Film (90 min - Drama, Comedy, Science-fiction, Musical, Horror)

  • Best Screenplay (Short-Film,Feature Film, TV Pilot)

  • Best Actor in Drama

  • Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy

  • Best Actress in Drama

  • Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy

  • Best Supporting Actor

  • Best Supporting Actress

  • Best Director

  • Best Producer

  • Best Set Design

  • Best Costume designer

  • Best Stunt Coordinator

  • Best Casting Director

  • Best Sound

  • Best Photography

  • Best Film Poster

Introducing the jury

The international judging panel has president the three-time winner and nine-time Emmy Award nominee Sonia Blangiardo, Italian-American director, screenwriter and producer with a 30-year career in Film and Television under her belt. She is currently in the directing team of the award-winning NBC series Days of our lives.

Also on the jury, the resident director Sam Hiller of the longest-running West End musical Les Miserables, a Musical that has been performing for about 38 years and since 1985 has been in first place in the ranking of the longest-running musicals in the West End; he is also the associate director of the West End Musical The Phantom of the Opera. Sam Hiller has directed many musicals over the years, and his role in the Festival is to oversee the best musical film projects.

We also find Flaminia Graziadei, an Italian-British director, producer and choreographer, multiple winners of international festivals and with more than 50 nominations. She recently became a member of BAFTA Connect.

Best Tangwongsiri, Thai actor and representative of the Asian continent, with experience behind and in front of the camera, graduating with two Masters, one in acting and one in set design at one of the most prestigious British art schools in the world, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

Nathan Mann, a screenwriter graduate of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, gains experience writing for various genres such as stand-up comedy, verbatim, children's musicals and audience immersion in British Theatre and Film.

Damien Brewer is an award-winning producer, director and screenwriter. He has worked on several short films winning various international awards. His focus will be mainly on evaluating Short Films.

The Italian national jury has as president Giovanni Mazzitelli, an award-winning director and screenwriter with several short film awards and is best known for his award-winning debut feature film "He was young, and he had light blue eyes".

Ciro Di Luzio is an Italian actor, singer, and musician with over national Theatre and Film experience for more than twenty years in Short-Films, Soap operas, Films and Tv. Moreover, he also works as a Casting Director and as an acting teacher guiding actors and actresses to bring life to the characters assigned to them.

Furthermore, the professional profiles listed below will evaluate the projects selected by both international and national juries.

Larry Del Prete, composer and pianist, has experience in the Italian national field with famous national artists and then composing for TV series and TV shows for national television stations. He will evaluate the best Sound.

Marina Kissopoulos is a cinematographer. She graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and began working as a junior in the photography department for various Film and Television productions. Subsequently, in 2010 she began working as Director of Photography in Film, Television and advertising projects for Rai and many production companies.

The jury will evaluate all projects of different genres and themes like Drama, Comedy, Horror, Science-Fiction, and Musicals in the Feature Films and Short Films section, while there is no specific genre for documentaries. 

The official selection includes only three projects and artists selected and nominated for each category and genre. This will increase a professional and high-quality selection of projects and artists evaluated for artistic excellence.

Introducing partners

The prizes awarded for the five genres of Feature Films will be a Film distribution agreement with our US Distribution partner: 

Breaking Glass Pictures is a cutting-edge, globally-connected film distribution media company based in Philadelphia, PA. It focuses on finding and distributing unique and visionary independent films from around the world, including all genres. In addition to theatrical, digital, VOD and DVD releases in North America, Breaking Glass functions as an International sales agent in film markets, with strong ties in Australia, the UK, France, Germany, and Asia.

Credits:  Between Us (2023), Nostalgia (2022), The Goddess of Fortune (2019), Queen of Hearts (2019) and more. IMDB 


For the Short-Films, there will be a winning certificate.

For the acting category, we will award them by referring them to our International Talent Agencies partners for possible Acting representation, but this is only available for not yet-represented artists.

Our International Talent Agencies Partners are:

ITA nation representative:

Imacrew Talent Agency (Milan). ImaCrew was born thanks to the great passion for the world of cinema, its background and the entertainment of its founders based in Milan. They bring together multiple talents selected for experience, charisma and skill to offer an unconventional service in line with the needs of our customers. Thanks to the experience, and background of its founders, Enrico and Paola, ImaCrew takes on an unconventional international and completely original image.

UK/US nation representative:

Vamos Talento (London and Los Angeles). Vamos Talento is committed to providing the highest quality talent representation service in the UK, EU and USA. They ensure all our clients have a minimum level of training in Theatre, TV & Film performance and make it a compulsory requirement of all clients under 18yrs, or clients over 18yrs who only have a basic level of drama training, to attend a regular Performing Arts or Drama workshop.

They promise to promote all clients equally and by their goals and ambitions.

They support our clients through every stage of their journeys to realise their dreams.

Their motto is <<We observe, we listen, and we ACT>>

CANADA/USA national representative:

Bellini Talent Agency (Montreal, CA) was born in 1993 and its flourishing fashion industry with first-rate modelling talent for packaging, print creative, fashion shows and fittings. As the years passed, the opportunity arose to expand their talent base and get involved in more than modelling.

Shortly after, Bellini put itself in the television and film industry and spent more and more time servicing this exceptional industry, meeting some of the most prominent industry leaders. 

Bellini International strongly believes in the people they work for and with. Our aim is to work with people as passionate about what they do as we are.

Moreover, we have Media partners that support our Festival with news, interviews, and reviews.

Our international media partners are:

Napoli Cultural Classic (Naples), is an association founded in 2000, non-partisan and inter-confessional, called Naples Cultural Classic. The cultural association aims to promote art, culture, Film, Theatre, Television, Music, Dance, figurative art, fashion, writing, juridical and technological sciences.

The Invisible International and Italian Actors & Artists (London and Naples) is a Podcast that aims to promote artists worldwide through interviews and is distributed to all Podcast platforms.

The Hidden Review <<where all reviews have a voice>> is an online blog based in London, where passionate expert Theatremakers, Filmmakers review content and deliver reviews to promote talent and their work worldwide, the reviews are available on their website.

For more information about the Festival and its call for applications, please visit our links.

Make A Wish Festival

Rules & Terms are available on FilmFreeway

Make A Wish Festival

Londra, UK



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